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the IMPRES2016 Conference initial date is approaching. 


The final program of the conference is now available. In the program section, you can find also information for presenters of oral presentations and poster. Moreover, in the "Logistics" section, you will find updated information about the hotels.


In case you haven't registered yet, please do so as soon as possible, so that we can plan everything at the best to make IMPRES2016 a productive and friendly event.


We are looking forward to meet you all in Sicily!






This international symposium welcomes participants of professionals dedicated  to theories, experiments, and simulations, on the development of functional materials for fuel cells, heat pumps, heat storage, sorption systems and their applied aspects. Attendees will include consulting engineers, design engineers, contractors, architects, manufacturers, researchers and academics. The IMPRES has been held in every three years and this is the fourth international conference after the successful completion of IMPRES2007 at Kyoto, Japan, IMPRES2010, Singapore and IMPRES2013 in Fukuoka. We hope to have stimulating and lively discussion in Taormina.


The conference is concerned with the application of novel materials in the field of energy systems with special focus on the  multi-phase  processes  in  various  energy  conversion systems.

Materials for fuel cells, heat pumps, sorption systems and other energy conversion and storage devices will be discussed. Common concerns include material reactivity, heat and mass transfer characteristics, durability, stability under high- temperature and severe conditions and cost. This conference aims to bring  researchers focusing on different aspects of multi-phase processes in energy conversion and promote an interchange of ideas across subjects.



The  following list of topics illustrate the scope of the conference.


    • Biomass energy conversion
    • Chemical heat pumps
    • Desiccant systems
    • Desalination
    • Durability in repetitive operation including severe conditions
    • Heat and mass transfer
    • Hydrogen production and storage
    • Electricity storage
    • Membrane reactors
    • Phase change material heat storage
    • Photovoltaic
    • Polymer electrolyte and low temperature fuel cells
    • Solid oxide and intermediate temperature fuel cells
    • Sorption heat pumps
    • System reliability (corrosion, sealing, selectivity, etc.)
    • Thermal energy conversion and storage
    • Thermoelectric devices
    • Thermophysical properties
    • Others



Submission of abstract:  closed

Notice of acceptance: closed

Conference: October 23-26, 2016